domingo, junio 15, 2008

MGS4: Perfección (y 2)

Vaya, esta no me la esperaba, otro 10 vía GameSpot.

The Good

* A brilliant mixture of storytelling and gameplay
* Mind-blowing audiovisual presentation
* Tight and compelling shooting mechanics
* Gratifying stealth mechanics
* Lots of cool gadgets and weapons that you can tailor to your own style of play.

The Bad

* Storytelling is heavy-handed
* The single-player experience ends.

If the story-heavy presentation of previous Metal Gear games taxed your patience, Metal Gear Solid 4 won't change your mind. For anyone who appreciates games that rise above the simple act of pushing a few buttons and pulling a few triggers, Metal Gear Solid 4 is a stimulating ride that you won't soon forget. You'll want to see what happens next, yet when its long campaign draws to a close, you'll wish it would continue. That's not just because it's a well-told tale, but because that tale is woven through a thoroughly impressive game that tops its predecessors.

Parece que las "peores" notas (léase 8) se las ha llevado de UK.. Edge, GamesTM, Eurogamer.