miércoles, mayo 20, 2009

The Secret of Monkey Island - Special Edition !!

Yes, it's been an awfully long time, but it appears that The Secret Of Monkey Island is coming back, and to the Xbox 360.

The German USK rating board has revealed that The Secret Of Monkey Island - Special Edition is on its way. This was the very original Monkey Island game, from all the way back in 1990. As for what makes it a Special Edition is currently unknown -- could they be re-doing the graphics? Could the game possibly have a voice cast?

The rating suggests that Activision might have some involvement in the project, but most likely this is simply Activision Europe rating the title for LucasArts, as they are the European publishing arm that LucasArts use. We can only assume this is an Xbox Live Arcade title, but there is a slim chance that this is a retail retelling of the original too.

Source: German USK Rating Board.


What? reedición de Monkey Island para XBLA? volverán todos los clásicos de Lucas en HD? Megaton!